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Front cover
Album details
Track number: 17
Release date: March 22, 2006
Artists: Haruka Amami (Eriko Nakamura)
Chihaya Kisaragi (Asami Imai)
Yukiho Hagiwara (Yurika Ochiai)
Yayoi Takatsuki (Mayako Nigo)
Ritsuko Akizuki (Naomi Wakabayashi)
Azusa Miura (Chiaki Takahashi)
Iori Minase (Rie Kugimiya)
Makoto Kikuchi (Hiromi Hirata)
Ami/Mami Futami (Asami Shimoda)
Cover Artist: Toshiyuki Kubooka
Editor: Columbia Music Entertainment Japan
Item Number: Limited Edition: COCX-33612
Normal Edition: COCX-33617
Part of: MASTERPIECE Series

THE IDOLM@STER MASTERPIECE 04 is a CD starring all of the original arcade idols. As the fourth album of THE IDOLM@STER MASTERPIECE series, the CD was released on March 22, 2006. It contains M@STER VERSIONS of some songs (each sung by three idols), the results of the "Super Producer Tournament", and a talk session.

Track List

01. 太陽のジェラシー (M@STER VERSION)(歌:天海春香水瀬伊織如月千早)
02. エージェント夜を往く (M@STER VERSION)(歌:菊地真秋月律子双海亜美/真美)
03. おはよう!!朝ご飯 (M@STER VERSION)(歌:高槻やよい三浦あずさ萩原雪歩)
04. 太陽のジェラシー (M@STER VERSION)<オリジナル・カラオケ>
05. エージェント夜を往く (M@STER VERSION)<オリジナル・カラオケ>
06. おはよう!!朝ご飯 (M@STER VERSION)<オリジナル・カラオケ>
07. THE IDOLM@STER (歌:天海春香如月千早萩原雪歩高槻やよい秋月律子三浦あずさ水瀬伊織菊地真双海亜美/真美)
08. 太陽のジェラシー (歌:秋月律子双海亜美/真美)
09. 蒼い鳥 (歌:菊地真水瀬伊織三浦あずさ)
10. First Stage (歌:如月千早萩原雪歩秋月律子)
11. おはよう!!朝ご飯 (歌:水瀬伊織天海春香如月千早)
12. 魔法をかけて! (歌:水瀬伊織双海亜美/真美)
13. 9:02pm (歌:秋月律子三浦あずさ萩原雪歩)
14. Here we go!! (歌:天海春香高槻やよい)
15. エージェント夜を往く (歌:双海亜美/真美天海春香高槻やよい)
16. ポジティブ! (歌:三浦あずさ菊地真)
17. ボーナストラック・トーク (歌:天海春香如月千早萩原雪歩高槻やよい秋月律子三浦あずさ水瀬伊織菊地真双海亜美/真美)

Romanized Track List

01. Taiyou no Jealousy (M@STER VERSION) (sung by: Haruka AmamiIori MinaseChihaya Kisaragi)
02. Agent Yoru o Yuku (M@STER VERSION) (sung by: Makoto KikuchiRitsuko AkizukiAmi/Mami Futami)
03. Ohayou!! Asagohan (M@STER VERSION) (sung by: Yayoi TakatsukiAzusa MiuraYukiho Hagiwara)
04. Taiyou no Jealousy (M@STER VERSION) <Original Karaoke>
05. Agent Yoru o Yuku (M@STER VERSION) <Original Karaoke>
06. Ohayou!! Asagohan (M@STER VERSION) <Original Karaoke>
07. THE IDOLM@STER (sung by: Haruka AmamiChihaya KisaragiYukiho HagiwaraYayoi Takatsuki, Ritsuko AkizukiAzusa Miura, Iori MinaseMakoto KikuchiAmi/Mami Futami)
08. Taiyou no Jealousy (sung by: Ritsuko AkizukiAmi/Mami Futami)
09. Aoi Tori (sung by: Makoto KikuchiIori MinaseAzusa Miura)
10. First Stage (sung by: Chihaya KisaragiYukiho HagiwaraRitsuko Akizuki)
11. Ohayou!! Asagohan (sung by: Iori MinaseHaruka AmamiChihaya Kisaragi)
12. Mahou o Kakete! (sung by: Iori MinaseAmi/Mami Futami)
13. 9:02pm (sung by: Ritsuko AkizukiAzusa MiuraYukiho Hagiwara)
14. Here we go!! (sung by: Haruka AmamiYayoi Takatsuki)
15. Agent Yoru o Yuku (sung by: Ami/Mami FutamiHaruka AmamiYayoi Takatsuki)
16. Positive! (sung by: Azusa MiuraMakoto Kikuchi)
17. Bonus Track Talk (Starring: Haruka AmamiChihaya KisaragiYukiho HagiwaraYayoi TakatsukiRitsuko Akizuki, Azusa MiuraIori MinaseMakoto KikuchiAmi/Mami Futami)

Super Producer Tournament

Held from December 1, 2005 at 10:00 to January 15, 2006 at 23:59, the "Super Producer Tournament" was created to feature user created content for this CD. Namco created an official tournament anyone could participate in with official rules to abide by. Players had to:

  • Create a new unit within the competition period and only play until the units' retirement.
  • Enter the unit on the official mobile site.
  • Produce the unit using only one song, which cannot be changed once chosen. (THE IDOLM@STER was excluded.)
  • Pass one or more of the special auditions: "Vocal Master", "Dance Master", or "Visual Master".
  • To rank players, the number of fans by the players' retirement point would be added and adjusted by the idols included in their unit and the players' producer rank.

Namco conducted a ranking of aggregated scores by each song and idol unit that met the above conditions, and Namco and Columbia each elected a unit by one person do the recording for each song via the final ranking of the top 10 people (a total of 9 people). The words "The song of each unit has been recorded on MASTERPIECE 04, and the winners would be called CD Producers" appeared on the website. Also, the two companies elected 50 people from among all of the participants (except the CD Producers) to use photos of their units for the booklet of the same CD. They were called "Booklet Photo Producers" when it had been published.