THE iDOLM@STER: Shiny Colors

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THE iDOLM@STER: Shiny Colors
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Video Game data
Platform: enza
Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Selling Agency: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Release Date: April 24th, 2018

THE iDOLM@STER SHINY COLORS (アイドルマスター シャイニーカラーズ Aidorumasutaa Shainii Karaazu)' is an training simulation browser game. The game adopts BXD's HTML5 new platform and it was hosted by enza, a new social platform made by Bandai Namco Entertainment.


In Shiny Colors, the player takes the role of a producer at 283 Production ("283" is pronounced "Tsubasa," a wordplay on the Japanese word for "wings.") and manages 16 idols from four units: illumination STARS, L'Antica, ALSTROEMERIA and Houkago Climax Girls. For the first anniversary of the game, a fifth unit was added: Straylight

The game has a system similar to the Idolm@ster console games. The main gameplay includes lessons, auditions, and a story with visual novel elements. Different options will lead to different intimacy levels with an idol, eventually affecting the idol's tension level.

Game system

In a general approach of the game, the player organizes idol units with produce and support idol cards, and trains the set idol in the produce part of the game. When production is finished, a fes card is created. With these cards it's possible to form units and compete in "fes".


The gacha is used to scout for new idols. Feather jewels are used to scout, scouting one time costs 300, and 10 times costs 3000. In a 10 scout, the tenth card in the scout is a guaranteed SR card. It is also possible to use enza points to scout.


Support cards can be trained to raise stats. New skills are released with training and special training, wich is advantageous in producing.


There are daily and weekly missions featuring feather jewels and other rewards.


In produce mode, the player and their produce idol aims to win the festival "W.I.N.G (Wonder.Idol.Nova.Grandprix.)". It is divided in four seasons, and if the required amount of fans for that season is not reached, the producing will end. If the requirement is cleared there will a W.I.N.G preliminary at the 4th season, and then the final. The true end depends on the idol card rarity.

The produced idol will become a fes card, but since the card will not disappear, you can produce it repeatedly.


A unit can be form with fes cards and compete with other idols at fes. The unit is organized by Center, Vocal, Dance, Visual and Leader positions. Money is obtained with your fes evaluation and can be used to buy items. Event points can also be used to buy.


Illumination STARS
Hiori intial.png Mano intial.png Meguru intial.png
Kiriko intial.png
Mamimi intial.png
Kogane intial.png
Sakuya intial.png
Yuika intial.png
Tenka intial.png Chiyuki intial.png Amana intial.png
Houkago Climax Girls
Chiyoko intial.png
Rinze intial.png
Kaho intial.png
Natsuha intial.png
Juri intial.png
Fuyuko Initial.png Asahi Initial.png Mei Initial.png


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