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Video Game Data
Platform: iOS, Android
Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Developer: NHN PlayArt Corp.
Selling Agency: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Release Date: January 21st, 2021
CERO Rating:

THE iDOLM@STER POPLINKS (アイドルマスター ポップリンクス Aidorumasutaa Poppurinkusu) or "Popmas" (ポプマス) for short, is a mobile puzzle game featuring idols from all five branches. An Android only open beta test was held from December 4th (12:00 JST) to December 7th (17:00 JST) in 2020.


The "POPLINKS FESTIVAL", a mega-live event will be held where idols will be performing as a three-idol unit beyond the boundaries of their respective agencies! As their producer, produce an original unit to reach the top of this live!



The gameplay consists of a 60 second-long puzzle game of chaining same-colored notes by either connecting or looping them together to score as high as possible. There are 5 types of notes which scores based on a specific unit's stats: red (赤) notes (vocal), blue (青) notes (dance), yellow (黄) notes (visual), green (緑) notes (total unit appeal), and purple (紫) notes (audience preference). The more notes chained the higher the points gain. Doing a 7 chain or more will grant a Bomb that can be hold and fling around like a slingshot. Tap it to clear an area around it. Each unit member has a charge bar. When completely filled up, tap on the idol to activate their skill to clear more notes. Linking notes also fill up the "Hakoyure" meter which acts as a score multiplier of sorts (level 0: 1.0x; level 1: 1.2x; level 2: 1.5x; level 3: 2.0x; level 4: 3.0x). It'll slowly decrease as time progresses. Once it reaches level 1, Fever Time occurs in which the selected song of choice will play and the score multiplier increases as well. Also, the audience meter on the right will completely fill up which will quickly decrease. The goal is to reach the next level before the audience meter runs out. Once it reaches level 4, the player has the opportunity to fill up the unit appeal meter. Once it completely fills up, it can be activated by tapping the rainbow music note on the screen which will fully clear the board and score even more points. When either close to reaching a personal best score or most colors popped, the game sometimes give a prompt to spend 30 jewels or not for 10 more seconds of gameplay.

Lives also have a randomly-cycling attribute- Visual, Vocal, or Dance- that will grant bonuses to a unit with higher stats in that attribute. This will consume 1-3 stamina.


Once the producer reaches a certain amount of fans, they can rank up by participating in a FES. FES events generally play identically to normal Lives; however, the player must clear certain 1-3 goals to beat the FES, like "pop a total of 75 red notes" or "get a score higher than 75000". With the exception of those which mentioned "1プレイで__" (__ in 1 play), goals are cumulative. Winning the FES raises the player's Producer rank, which gives rewards and unlocks new gameplay modes and features. This will consume 1 stamina.


Unlocked at P-rank 7, Work functions similarly to other games with the feature (like THE iDOLM@STER Million Live!: Theater Days). It rewards fans, items, and CP (and consumes stamina) much like a normal Live, but there is no actual gameplay, just a quick scene of the selected idols doing a task. This will consume 1-3 stamina.


Unlocked at P-rank 6, Training awards experience and items. It takes between 3 to 12 real-life hours to complete (with better rewards dropping from longer Training sessions), but this can be shortened using gems or training tickets (a common reward from gameplay). Each Training session also has an attribute. Training does not consume stamina.


Unlocked at P-rank 2, Ranking pits your weekly score against 19 other players of similar rank. Ranking high nets better rewards.



Each idol can be equipped with various score-enhancing skills. Skills are obtained through the gacha, and while they're unlocked by scouting a specific idol they can be equipped on any idol with a matching attribute. Each skill needs a certain number of a certain color of notes to activate and can be triggered by tapping on the idol when their skill gauge fills. Skills can pop notes, create bombs, make a big note (worth more points), or make a certain note color spawn more often.


The unit can be trained through "Coaching" by allocating stats of choice to make them stronger. Even units with the same members will evolve differently depending on said choice. However, raising these skills consumes CP (earned through Lives and other gameplay), and there is a limit to how much CP can be spent per unit.

The skill map doesn't just include Vocal, Visual, and Dance up boxes. Items, which depend on what the unit's attributes are, can be obtained, like accessories, dress-up parts, CD jacket parts, and even jewels. There are also requests from the unit's idols that usually consist of goals like "pop a certain amount of purple notes". These requests are timed, and if time runs out before the goal is reached, the reward will be lost.


Each idol has two attributes. There are a total of 15 attributes in the game. They are Flower, Fire, Snow, Sun, Rainbow, Light, Ocean, Darkness, Sky, Wind, Moon, Dream, Thunder, Star, and Love. Most skills have an attribute; for example, a skill with the Flower attribute can only be equipped by idols with the Flower attribute. They can also gain bonuses by participating in Training with a matching attribute.


The idols can be dressed up with different idol-specific costumes (obtained through the gacha), accessories, and dress-up parts. Accessories don't show up on an idol's model, but raise various stats. Costumes and dress-up parts are just visual effects with no gameplay changes. Recolored costumes are also unlockable.

There's also a special CD jacket creator function that allows players to customize their own original CD jacket for their unit by using various assets provided by the game. These assets can be obtained as rewards for finishing missions, as drops from lives, or as level-up rewards. The finished work can then be posted via social media.

There is no known reward for creating jackets so far (for example, using rare stickers and backgrounds does not grant any gameplay bonuses), but your favorite unit's current CD jacket is displayed to other players in Ranking mode.


At launch, there were a total of 75 idols. With more being added monthly, the current total is now 122. Idols can be scouted from either gacha or offer. The confirmed roster so far is:

HarukaA PL Thumb.png ChihayaK PL Thumb.png MikiH PL Thumb.png YukihoH PL Thumb.png YayoiT PL Thumb.png
Haruka Amami Chihaya Kisaragi Miki Hoshii Yukiho Hagiwara Yayoi Takatsuki
Ico flowerPL.pngIco oceanPL.png Ico skyPL.pngIco rainbowPL.png Ico moonPL.pngIco starPL.png Ico snowPL.pngIco lightPL.png Ico sunPL.pngIco lightPL.png
MakotoK PL Thumb.png IoriM PL Thumb.png TakaneS PL Thumb.png RitsukoA PL Thumb.png AzusaM PL Thumb.png
Makoto Kikuchi Iori Minase Takane Shijou Ritsuko Akizuki Azusa Miura
Ico firePL.pngIco dreamPL.png Ico thunderPL.pngIco oceanPL.png Ico skyPL.pngIco moonPL.png Ico moonPL.pngIco thunderPL.png Ico flowerPL.pngIco lovePL.png
AmiF PL Thumb.png MamiF PL Thumb.png HibikiG PL Thumb.png
Ami Futami Mami Futami Hibiki Ganaha
Ico firePL.pngIco rainbowPL.png Ico moonPL.pngIco rainbowPL.png Ico windPL.pngIco oceanPL.png

UzukiS PL Thumb.png YukariM PL Thumb.png MomokaS PL Thumb.png KurumiO PL Thumb.png ShikiI PL Thumb.png
Uzuki Shimamura Yukari Mizumoto Momoka Sakurai Kurumi Ohnuma Shiki Ichinose
Ico moonPL.pngIco dreamPL.png Ico flowerPL.pngIco lightPL.png Ico flowerPL.pngIco lovePL.png Ico oceanPL.pngIco lovePL.png Ico rainbowPL.pngIco thunderPL.png
FredericaM PL Thumb.png SaeK PL Thumb.png AnzuF PL Thumb.png SachikoK PL Thumb.png NanaA PL Thumb.png
Frederica Miyamoto Sae Kobayakawa Anzu Futaba Sachiko Koshimizu Nana Abe
Ico rainbowPL.pngIco lovePL.png Ico flowerPL.pngIco windPL.png Ico dreamPL.pngIco oceanPL.png Ico snowPL.pngIco lovePL.png Ico moonPL.pngIco starPL.png
MayuS PL Thumb.png SakuraM PL Thumb.png MireiH PL Thumb.png AkihaI PL Thumb.png RinS PL Thumb.png
Mayu Sakuma Sakura Muramatsu Mirei Hayasaka Akiha Ikebukuro Rin Shibuya
Ico dreamPL.pngIco lovePL.png Ico flowerPL.pngIco windPL.png Ico thunderPL.pngIco lovePL.png Ico moonPL.pngIco thunderPL.png Ico skyPL.pngIco windPL.png
RiinaT PL Thumb.png MiyuM PL Thumb.png NanamiA PL Thumb.png NoaT PL Thumb.png KaedeT PL Thumb.png
Riina Tada Miyu Mifune Nanami Asari Noa Takamine Kaede Takagaki
Ico windPL.pngIco thunderPL.png Ico starPL.pngIco lovePL.png Ico sunPL.pngIco oceanPL.png Ico starPL.pngIco oceanPL.png Ico windPL.pngIco moonPL.png
RankoK PL Thumb.png KoumeS PL Thumb.png IzumiO PL Thumb.png NonoM PL Thumb.png Anastasia PL Thumb.png
Ranko Kanzaki Koume Shirasaka Izumi Ohishi Nono Morikubo Anastasia
Ico lightPL.pngIco darknessPL.png Ico snowPL.pngIco darknessPL.png Ico skyPL.pngIco oceanPL.png Ico flowerPL.pngIco moonPL.png Ico skyPL.pngIco snowPL.png
AkiY PL Thumb.png HaruY PL Thumb.png AsukaN PL Thumb.png MioH PL Thumb.png NatsukiK PL Thumb.png
Aki Yamato Haru Yuuki Asuka Ninomiya Mio Honda Natsuki Kimura
Ico firePL.pngIco sunPL.png Ico windPL.pngIco sunPL.png Ico skyPL.pngIco darknessPL.png Ico dreamPL.pngIco lightPL.png Ico firePL.pngIco thunderPL.png
YuiO PL Thumb.png SyokoH PL Thumb.png TokikoZ PL Thumb.png TomokaW PL Thumb.png MikaJ PL Thumb.png
Yui Ohtsuki Syoko Hoshi Tokiko Zaizen Tomoka Wakabayashi Mika Jougasaki
Ico sunPL.pngIco skyPL.png Ico starPL.pngIco darknessPL.png Ico firePL.pngIco moonPL.png Ico starPL.pngIco lovePL.png Ico rainbowPL.pngIco lovePL.png
RikaJ PL Thumb.png KirariM PL Thumb.png TakumiM PL Thumb.png HinakoK PL Thumb.png AkoT PL Thumb.png
Rika Jougasaki Kirari Moroboshi Takumi Mukai Hinako Kita Ako Tsuchiya
Ico firePL.pngIco starPL.png Ico skyPL.pngIco starPL.png Ico firePL.pngIco thunderPL.png Ico dreamPL.pngIco lightPL.png Ico dreamPL.pngIco starPL.png
HikaruN PL Thumb.png
Hikaru Nanjo
Ico firePL.pngIco lightPL.png

MiraiK PL Thumb.png ShizukaM PL Thumb.png TsubasaI PL Thumb.png ElenaS PL Thumb.png MegumiT PL Thumb.png
Mirai Kasuga Shizuka Mogami Tsubasa Ibuki Elena Shimabara Megumi Tokoro
Ico flowerPL.pngIco dreamPL.png Ico sunPL.pngIco rainbowPL.png Ico lightPL.pngIco starPL.png Ico firePL.pngIco starPL.png Ico firePL.pngIco lovePL.png
MatsuriT PL Thumb.png SerikaH PL Thumb.png YurikoN PL Thumb.png ArisaM PL Thumb.png UmiK PL Thumb.png
Matsuri Tokugawa Serika Hakozaki Yuriko Nanao Arisa Matsuda Umi Kousaka
Ico moonPL.pngIco dreamPL.png Ico flowerPL.pngIco dreamPL.png Ico moonPL.pngIco lightPL.png Ico sunPL.pngIco dreamPL.png Ico firePL.pngIco oceanPL.png
IkuN PL Thumb.png EmilyS PL Thumb.png ShihoK PL Thumb.png AyumuM PL Thumb.png KonomiB PL Thumb.png
Iku Nakatani Emily Stewart Shiho Kitazawa Ayumu Maihama Konomi Baba
Ico rainbowPL.pngIco lightPL.png Ico flowerPL.pngIco windPL.png Ico moonPL.pngIco sunPL.png Ico windPL.pngIco lightPL.png Ico oceanPL.pngIco lovePL.png
TamakiO PL Thumb.png MiyaM PL Thumb.png MizukiM PL Thumb.png Julia PL Thumb.png TsumugiS PL Thumb.png
Tamaki Ogami Miya Miyao Mizuki Makabe Julia Tsumugi Shiraishi
Ico firePL.pngIco rainbowPL.png Ico snowPL.pngIco lovePL.png Ico windPL.pngIco lovePL.png Ico skyPL.pngIco thunderPL.png Ico windPL.pngIco snowPL.png
KaoriS PL Thumb.png
Kaori Sakuramori
Ico flowerPL.pngIco skyPL.png

ToumaA PL Thumb.png ShoutaM PL Thumb.png HokutoI PL Thumb.png TeruT PL Thumb.png KaoruS PL Thumb.png
Touma Amagase Shouta Mitarai Hokuto Ijuuin Teru Tendo Kaoru Sakuraba
Ico snowPL.pngIco sunPL.png Ico windPL.pngIco sunPL.png Ico moonPL.pngIco sunPL.png Ico sunPL.pngIco starPL.png Ico flowerPL.pngIco starPL.png
TsubasaK PL Thumb.png KeiT PL Thumb.png ReiK PL Thumb.png Pierre PL Thumb.png MinoriW PL Thumb.png
Tsubasa Kashiwagi Kei Tsuzuki Rei Kagura Pierre Minori Watanabe
Ico skyPL.pngIco starPL.png Ico dreamPL.pngIco lightPL.png Ico lightPL.pngIco oceanPL.png Ico sunPL.pngIco dreamPL.png Ico flowerPL.pngIco dreamPL.png
KyosukeA PL Thumb.png YusukeA PL Thumb.png HideoA PL Thumb.png RyuK PL Thumb.png SeijiS PL Thumb.png
Kyosuke Aoi Yusuke Aoi Hideo Akuno Ryu Kimura Seiji Shingen
Ico windPL.pngIco snowPL.png Ico windPL.pngIco lovePL.png Ico dreamPL.pngIco lovePL.png Ico firePL.pngIco lovePL.png Ico sunPL.pngIco lovePL.png
ShomaH PL Thumb.png ShikiIs PL Thumb.png JunF PL Thumb.png SuzakuA PL Thumb.png GenbuK PL Thumb.png
Shoma Hanamura Shiki Iseya Jun Fuyumi Suzaku Akai Genbu Kurono
Ico moonPL.pngIco lightPL.png Ico rainbowPL.pngIco thunderPL.png Ico snowPL.pngIco thunderPL.png Ico firePL.pngIco windPL.png Ico firePL.pngIco snowPL.png
AsselinBBII PL Thumb.png SakiM PL Thumb.png NaoO PL Thumb.png ShiroT PL Thumb.png KanonH PL Thumb.png
Asselin BB II Saki Mizushima Nao Okamura Shiro Tachibana Kanon Himeno
Ico snowPL.pngIco darknessPL.png Ico snowPL.pngIco starPL.png Ico flowerPL.pngIco rainbowPL.png Ico flowerPL.pngIco moonPL.png Ico flowerPL.pngIco lovePL.png
JiroY PL Thumb.png RenK PL Thumb.png RyoA PL Thumb.png KazukiT PL Thumb.png DaigoK PL Thumb.png
Jiro Yamashita Ren Kizaki Ryo Akizuki Kazuki Tsukumo Daigo Kabuto
Ico firePL.pngIco rainbowPL.png Ico windPL.pngIco oceanPL.png Ico skyPL.pngIco dreamPL.png Ico skyPL.pngIco oceanPL.png Ico skyPL.pngIco snowPL.png
AmehikoK PL Thumb.png SoraK PL Thumb.png ChrisK PL Thumb.png
Amehiko Kuzunoha Sora Kitamura Chris Koron
Ico starPL.pngIco darknessPL.png Ico skyPL.pngIco darknessPL.png Ico oceanPL.pngIco darknessPL.png

ManoS PL Thumb.png HioriK PL Thumb.png MeguruH PL Thumb.png SakuyaS PL Thumb.png YuikaM PL Thumb.png
Mano Sakuragi Hiori Kazano Meguru Hachimiya Sakuya Shirase Yuika Mitsumine‎
Ico flowerPL.pngIco starPL.png Ico windPL.pngIco starPL.png Ico sunPL.pngIco starPL.png Ico snowPL.pngIco darknessPL.png Ico rainbowPL.pngIco darknessPL.png
KirikoY PL Thumb.png KahoK PL Thumb.png RinzeM PL Thumb.png NatsuhaA PL Thumb.png AmanaO PL Thumb.png
Kiriko Yukoku Kaho Komiya Rinze Morino Natsuha Arisugawa Amana Osaki
Ico skyPL.pngIco darknessPL.png Ico windPL.pngIco rainbowPL.png Ico moonPL.pngIco rainbowPL.png Ico firePL.pngIco rainbowPL.png Ico flowerPL.pngIco lightPL.png
TenkaO PL Thumb.png ChiyukiK PL Thumb.png AsahiS PL Thumb.png FuyukoM PL Thumb.png
Tenka Osaki Chiyuki Kuwayama Asahi Serizawa Fuyuko Mayuzumi
Ico flowerPL.pngIco dreamPL.png Ico flowerPL.pngIco snowPL.png Ico snowPL.pngIco lightPL.png Ico lightPL.pngIco darknessPL.png

Song List

The most common method for obtaining new songs is through drops after clearing lives. However, some songs can be obtained as level-up rewards, completing certain missions in the game, shop, or partaking in events. Playing multiple Lives with a song raises its popularity, with rewards at certain ranks. Unlike traditional iDOLM@STER games, songs don't really change gameplay that much otherwise.








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