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General song data
Original title: THIS IS IT!
Romanized title: THIS IS IT!
Translated title: THIS IS IT!
Composer: Tsukasa Yatoki (Arte Refact)
Lyricist: Youhei Matsui
Arranger: Tsukasa Yatoki (Arte Refact)
Image song of: Rui Maita

THIS IS IT! is an original song appearing on THE IDOLM@STER SideM ORIGIN@L PIECES 09. It is performed by Rui Maita.


Japanese/Kanji Lyrics Romanized Lyrics Translated Lyrics

Come on, join us! おいでよ、楽しまなきゃ!
Answer Sheetの“Blank” 埋めていくJourneyを
Don't be afraid! だってEveryoneつかえるのさ
(Of course, you too!)
I don't know… を I know!にする魔法があるんだ

Come on, join us! Oide yo, tanoshimanakya!
Answer Sheet no "Blank" umeteiku Journey o
Don't be afraid! Datte Everyone tsukaeru no sa
(Of course, you too!)
I don't know… o I know! Ni suru mahou ga arunda

Come on, join us! Come on, you should have fun!
It's a journey to fill the "blank" of the answer sheet
Don't be afraid! Because everyone can be useful
(Of course, you too!)
There is a magic to make the "I don't know..." to "I know!"

When do you feel“HAPPY”?
その瞬間にMake your 最高SMILE!
(Say,“This is it!”)

When do you feel "HAPPY"?
Sono shunkan ni Make your saikou SMILE!
Mitsukaru yo Simple na Answer
(Say, "This is it!")

When do you feel "HAPPY"?
At that moment, make your best smile
There is a simple answer to be found
(Say,“this is it!”)

Let's enjoy! You need to make the most of“Beautiful life”!
キミのHeart & PassionとCommunicateするだけできっと
世界は変わるよ、Try and Go!

"ABC" to "aiueo" o tobikoete sagaseru hou ga omoshiroi ne
Kimi no Possibility ni Borderline nante iranai
Let's enjoy! You need to make the most of "Beautiful life"!
Nani mo muzukashiku nante nai yo
Kimi no Heart & Passion to Communicate suru dake de kitto
Sekai wa kawaru yo, Try and Go!

It's more fun to jump over and search the "abc" and "aiueo"
There is no borderline for your possibility
Let's enjoy! You need to make the most of this "beautiful life"
There are no such things as difficulty
When you just communicate your heart and passion
The world will change for sure, so try and go!

一人一人がね、Original Pieces!
(You can do it!)

Kurabenai de, dareka to kimi no Difference
Hitori hitori ga ne, Original Pieces!
Alphabet mitai ni ne te o tsunageba
(You can do it!)
Spell o egakeru yo, mahou ni narunda

Don't compare your difference with someone else's
Every one of you is original pieces!
If you connect your hands like the alphabet
(You can do it!)
Your drawing spells will become magical

Yes, You are not alone.
俺たちもいつだってon your Side!
教えてよ、叶えたい“Your Dream”
(Say,“This is it!”)

Yes, You are not alone.
Ore-tachi mo itsudatte on your Side!
Oshiete yo, kanaetai "Your Dream"
(Say, "This is it!")

Yes, you are not alone.
We are always on your side!
Tell me, I want to fulfill "your dream"
(Say, "this is it!")

Let's enjoy! You need to make the most of“Wonderful world”!

"1.2.3." dde Friend ga fueru tabi, Vocabulary ga hirogatteku
Kimi no Personality wa "I"nfinity no kashiramoji da yo
Let's enjoy! You need to make the most of “Wonderful world"!
LOVE o kotoba ni kasane nagara
Meippai omoi o komete Communicate sureba ii dake

"1,2,3" when the amount of friends increases, vocabulary spreads
Your personality is an initial off of "I"nfinity
Let's enjoy! You need to make the most of this "wonderful world"!
While repeating "love" with words
All you have to do is comunicate your feelings with all of your might

連れてくよNext Stage, Follow me!
(You only live once!)

Question o Clear shita
Sono SMILE wa Really "saikou!"
Tsureteku yo Next Stage, Follow me!
(You only live once!)

When your cleared the question
Your smile is really "the best"
I'll lead you to the next stage, so follow me!
(You only live once!)

思うままに生きるっていう難問のAnswer Sheetを埋めなきゃね
“Lesson=Joy!”Having a big dream is a wonderful thing!
見つけたらLet’s say…THIS IS IT!

Omou mama ni ikiru tte iu nanmon no Answer Sheet o umenakya ne
Minna de Experience o Exciting ni suru tame no jikan!
"Lesson=Joy!" Having a big dream is a wonderful thing!
Issho ni odoru you ni sagasou
"ABC" mo "aiueo" mo tobikoete ikeba ii dake
Mitsuketara Let's say...THIS IS IT!

You'll have to fill the difficult question about living on your answer sheet as you want
It's the time to make it an exciting experience for everyone!
"Lesson=joy!" Having a big dream is a wonderful thing
Let's search while dancing together
Just go jump over the "abc" and the "aiueo"
When you find it, let's say... This is it!

In Concert

CD Recordings

THE IDOLM@STER SideM ORIGIN@L PIECES 09 (sung by: Rui Maita)