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Somebody want to re-translate these two lines?



Ignoring the rest of the translation, parts of which look questionable to me, the person who did the translations wrote: "The kanji is written as mirai – future but sung as michi – road. I went with the aesthetic and used ‘fresh start’." However, the kanji isn't written as 未来 in the THE IDOLM@STER MASTER ARTIST 04 booklet, but rather as 未知, so their justification for that line doesn't really hold.

As for the other line, they wrote: "The kanji is written toitta which means found the answer but sung wakatta which means understood. I went with the former meaning because it makes more sense in my translation, but the latter is pretty important too." They are referring to 解った, but based on the conjugation it is without a doubt meant to be read as and pronounced as わかった. The use of the kanji 解る instead of 分かる makes it pretty clear that their use of わかる in this context unambiguously means "to understand".[1]