Teru Tendo

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Teru Tendo
SideM character data
Name: 天道輝 (Tendo Teru)
Voice actor: 仲村宗悟 (Nakamura Shuugo)
Age: 28
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Shoe Size: 26 kg
Birthday: February 23rd
Blood type: B
Hobbies: Tokusatsu, Darts
Skills: Cooking
Handedness: Right
Horoscope: Pisces
Hometown: Fukushima
Ex-Job: Lawyer
Card Type: Physical
Image Color:     
Teru signature.png

Teru Tendo (天道輝 Tendou Teru) is a Physical type idol available in THE iDOLM@STER: SideM. His basic card is Rare and is the leader of the Physical category, as well as one of three idols that can be chosen at the start of the game. He is part of the unit DRAMATIC STARS along with Tsubasa and Kaoru. He is voiced by Shuugo Nakamura (仲村宗悟 Nakamura Shuugo).


Annual Rankings

Event Prelim Rank Final Rank
1st Anniversary Election 10 No Ranking
2nd Anniversary Election No Ranking No Ranking


SideM Biography

-With hard work and guts, he's the hot-blooded lawyer hero!-
"My name's Teru Tendo, and I'll become the idol world's brightest star!"

Character Description and Personality

Teru is a former hot-blooded lawyer who has dreamed of being a superhero ever since he was young because for what superheroes stand for, like protecting and never abandoning the weak. He is a big fan of sentai in particular, which influences his stage performances. He also loves making puns and jokes. However, he ran away from his responsibilities as a lawyer and abandoned his client. They reminded him of his respect for heroes and he resolved to never run away again, but then, he got fired. After this, he got a call about being an idol, which he acts kind of surprised about but goes to the auditions anyway. As he's questioning whether he should really be there, Kaoru tells him to get out if he’s not prepared to reach for the top, which reminded him of his resolution.

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Trivia and Fan Culture


  • Teru's given name can either mean "brilliant", "bright", "splendid" (e.g. achievement, success) or "promising" (e.g. future), referring to Teru's desire of becoming a successful top idol. His surname can be translated as "Heavenly Path", "The Sun", "God of Heaven and Earth", or "Divine Justice" (referring to his former job). Teru also shares the first Kanji of his surname "Ten" (天) with Haruka Amami and Touma Amagase.
  • His birthday was originally on March 15th (3/15 as in 315 Production) but was changed to February 23rd after SideM officially went back online. The latter date is based on the pre-registration start date when SideM's service delivery was published.
  • Despite being 28 years old, Teru is actually quite athletic. This is shown during the Live on St@ge mv of Alice or Guilty, as he is one of the only idols who, if they are in a certain position, will preform a backflip during the song.

Fan Culture

  • Teru is sometimes nicknamed "Tenteru" (てんてる), a pun of the first Kanji of his surname "Ten" (天) and his given name "Teru" (輝), by fans and Shoma Hanamura.
  • Teru's love of tokusatsu is shared throughout the different branches; Hikaru Nanjou of 346Pro, Tamaki Ogami of 765Pro, and Kaho Komiya of 283Pro also enjoy the genre. Because of this shared interest they are sometimes depicted together.
  • He was named Best Male Character in the 2018 Newtype Anime Awards.

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