The World That Began to Change!

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The World That Began to Change!
Episode 14
Original Title: 変わり始めた世界!
Romanized Title: Kawarihajimeta Sekai!
Translated Title: The World That Began to Change!
Airing Date: October 7, 2011
Previous Episode: And so, the Girls Rise to the Shining Stage
Next Episode: Everyone Together, It's a Live Broadcast!
A Live Broadcast!

The World That Began to Change! is the fourteenth episode of THE iDOLM@STER anime. It originally aired on October 7, 2011.


Ever since the concert and an article by Yoshizawa, a famous reporter who is a friend of President Takagi, the idols have become very popular to the point of having to wear disguises in public. After appearing on a TV show and going back to their makeup room, Haruka and Yayoi encounter a member of Jupiter, Touma Amagase, who gives them an ominous warning. Back at 765 Production studio, everyone is waiting for a magazine, expecting to see a photo shoot of the idols on the cover, but as Iori brings it, the magazine shows instead Jupiter on the cover. Wanting to know what's going on, Junjirou and Yoshizawa believe this was the work of the President of 961 Production and Jupiter's manager, Takao Kuroi, who used his connections to have the magazine cover changed. It is later revealed that Kuroi and Junjirou were once friends in the music industry, but they had a falling out because Junjirou disapproved Kuroi's methods. Jealous of the 765PRO idols' recent popularity, Kuroi wants revenge against Junjirou by sabotaging his idols using any means necessary. The girls are irritated and attempt to confront Kuroi, but the Producer, Ritsuko and Junjirou tell them they should not fight dirty nor stoop as low as Kuroi does, and if they wish to beat him, they should do it fair and square. As the idols are still upset over the magazine cover, Haruka helps Kotori arrange their fan letters. Thanks to the encouraging letters from their fans, the idols realize it is their fans that they should be winning over rather than their rivalry with 961 Production and all of them agree to work hard for them.



Opening Song
Insert Songs
Ending Song
BGMs and Themes


Screenplay Writers
  • Macihda Fujiko (待田堂子)
Storyboard Directors
  • Ryuichi Kimura (木村隆一)
  • Ryuichi Kimura (木村隆一)
Animation Directors
  • Yusuke Tanaka (田中裕介)
Script Writer
  • Touko Machida
Ending Storyboard Directors
  • Yuu-Yuu
Episode Director
  • Ryuichi Kimura (木村隆一)


  • An announcement about Jupiter can be found on a hanging advertisement.
  • The script for the "Namassuka!? Sunday" show can be seen being read by Haruka Amami on the train.
  • Chihaya's CD player is labeled as an MP3 device.
  • The article Reporter Yoshizawa wrote states that fans refer to the performance in episode 13 as the "Typhoon Live", and many Ryuuguu Komachi supporters have branched out into becoming fans of the other 765 idols.
  • The "Princess Melody" costume, a Namco logo, and an Avex logo all appear in Ryuuguu Komachi's interview.
  • Puchimasu! characters Harukasan, Chihya-, Makochi-, and Yayo make cameos as 765 merchandise.
  • The "Animal Conductor" costume appears in Hibiki Ganaha's television segment.
  • The job Haruka Amami and Yayoi Takatsuki are at takes place in BBS TV, a parody of TBS, a channel that broadcasted episodes of THE iDOLM@STER anime. The number six on the idols' shirts represents TBS's channel number.