Things You Love, Things That Are Important

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Things You Love, Things That Are Important
Episode 07
Original Title: 大好きなもの、大切なもの
Romanized Title: Daisuki na Mono, Taisetsu na Mono
Translated Title: Things You Love, Things That Are Important
Airing Date: August 19, 2011
Previous Episode: The Decision to Continue Forward
Next Episode: The Indirect Route to Happiness

That Changes Who I Am is the seventh episode of THE iDOLM@STER anime. It originally aired on August 19, 2011.


Iori humiliates herself on live television when she forces an interviewer at the Minase estate to focus on her rather than ask about her father and older brothers. The Producer reprimands her actions, but Iori ignores his advice. Yayoi invites Iori and Hibiki to her home to have dinner with her five younger siblings where Iori learns about the life of a "commoner" and gets to know Yayoi's brother and the eldest boy, Chousuke, who wants to help his sister. During dinner, Chousuke hits his brother Kouji for trying to take his food, for which Yayoi tells him to apologize, but he angrily talks back to her and runs away. Worried about Chousuke, Yayoi and Hibiki begin searching for him around the town and the Producer later intervenes after Iori calls him. Iori finds Chousuke in the storage shed as she remembers that the place is just like where she usually hid when she fought with her brothers. She now understands what it feels like to be a younger sibling and that Chousuke just wanted to help his sister, and she advises him that instead of just complaining and running away, he should be bold, confront his sister, and tell the truth. Inspired by Iori's speech, Chousuke reunites with Yayoi and apologizes. As the Producer, Hibiki and Iori go home, he thanks Iori for calling him for help. The next morning, Yayoi learns to her surprise that Chousuke wants to become more reliable at home.


  • Yayoi Takatsuki (CV: Mayako Nigo)
  • Iori Minase (CV: Rie Kugimiya)
  • Hibiki Ganaha (CV: Manami Numakura)
  • Producer (CV: Kenji Akabane)
  • Chousuke Takatsuki (CV: Hiro Nakajima)
  • Kasumi Takatsuki (CV: Mayumi Yoshida)
  • Kouji Takatsuki (CV: Mika Takashita)
  • Koutarou Takatsuki (CV: Aki Nakajima)
  • Yakinikuman (CV: Akira Kushida)
  • Shindou (CV: Mugihito)
  • Store Owner (CV: Kazuhiro Fusegawa)
  • Store Clerk (CV: Yuuki Hayashi)
  • Reporter (CV: Yoshima Kawata)
  • Director A (CV: Yuuki Hayashi)
  • Director B (CV: Kazuhiro Fusegawa)
  • Cameraman (CV: Ryo Oshima)


Insert Songs
Ending Song
BGMs and Themes


Screenplay Writers
  • Tsuchiya Satorukei (土屋理敬)
Storyboard Directors
  • Masunaru Koji (舛成孝二)
  • Masanori Takahashi (高橋正典)
Animation Directors
  • Satoshi Yamaguchi (山口智)
Script Writer
  • Michihiro Tsuchiya
Ending Storyboard Directors
  • Atsushi Nishikori (錦織敦史)
Episode Director
  • Masanori Takahashi (高橋正典)
Unit Director for Ending
  • Atsushi Nishikori (錦織敦史)


  • Nonowa appears as a toy doll in the Takatsuki household.
  • Two television shows are broadcast before the electricity goes out in the Takatsuki house. One features Yakinikuman, a superhero show mentioned in several drama CD's. The other features "Bunta", "Monyo", and "Ashige-chan", who were three representative characters created by Eriko Nakamura, Mayako Nigo, and Asami Imai respectively as the unit "you-i" for THE iDOLM@STER Radio For You!.
  • The Minase garden is very similar to some of the in game backgrounds featuring landscapes.
  • This is the first appearance of Berochoro where it is actually used to hold something.