Tokiko Zaizen

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Tokiko Zaizen
Tokiko SS.png
iM@S CG character data
Name: 財前時子 (Zaizen Tokiko)
Voice actor: Unvoiced
Age: 21
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Birthday: April 18th
Blood type: B
Three sizes: 83-55-85
Handedness: Right
Hobbies: Punishing, Cooking Pigs
Horoscope: Aries
Hometown: Nagoya
Card Type: Passion
Image Color:  ?
Tokiko sig.png

Tokiko Zaizen (財前時子 Zaizen Tokiko?) is an idol available in THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls. Her basic card is Normal. Her cards were available in the Shizuoka Area. She later received three Rare card sets and two S Rare card sets with titles "Media Queen" and "Velvet Queen".


Annual Rankings

Event Prelim Rank Final Rank
1st Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
2nd Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
3rd Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
Voice Idol Audition Unranked Unranked
4th Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
5th Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
6th Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
7th Anniversary Election ? ?


"Looking at me with that low-life gaze... You really do have an impolite look to you. ...Huh... An idol? Kukukuku... Ahahaha!! How rich! Me? As an idol? How little brain tissue do you have?! How interesting... Fine! I'll humor you! And I'll become an idol!"

Character Description

Tokiko is a forcefully direct woman who believes men are inferior and require painful punishment to keep them useful. Her initial interest for being an idol was that the idea amused her. She's abusive to men and calls them pigs, which she uses as a stage gimmick she enjoys and performs most. Tokiko believes that men require corporal punishment, although she will provide a safe word. She also states that she thinks all women should be dominant towards men, though she doesn't try to spread it among the other idols. She has what is called a noblewoman’s laugh.

She firmly believes that men are perverts, and uses this as her justification for using the whip to punish them. Though slightly amused by the Producer being the target of many of her fellow idols’ advancements, she does not tolerate it and will severely punish him for being a pig. She often words how painful things should be pleasurable for men, and has a thing for whips.

There's evidence to believe her hatred of men stems from repeated bad relationships and has a guarded view of other women because she's been a losing romantic rival. She despises pity though, and would react badly upon someone finding this out about her. She is beginning to allow her emotions to give one last honest effort in letting the Producer into her life.

In the tie in Cinderella Girls Theater skits, Tokiko is introduced by Shiho Makihara. When she is caught in Yuki Himekawa’s antics, she scares the girl enough to make her believe that she can scare her opponents by existing. When she takes a job that requires her to bring an object that accents her personality, she chooses a golden whip. She then tells Yuu Ohta to use Akky as her pompoms instead of the ones she brought with her. Misato Manaka later tries to ask her about a job where she had to put on a school uniform, but is thoroughly chastised when Tokiko proclaims someone of her caliber should not have to be forced into such degrading clothes.


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  • It's rumored Tokiko is a psychology major at a fancy private university.

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