Tsubasa Ibuki

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Tsubasa Ibuki
Ibuki Tsubasa profile.png
iM@S ML character data
Name: 伊吹翼 (Ibuki Tsubasa)
Voice actor: 齊藤 真知子 (Saitou Machiko)
Age: 14
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Birthday: July 30th
Blood type: B
Three sizes: 85-52-82
Hobbies: Making plans to play
Skill: Rock, Paper, Scissors
Likes: Beef steak
Handedness: Right
Horoscope: Leo
Hometown: Tokyo
Million Live!
Card Type
Theater Days
Card Type
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Tsubasa ML sig.png

Tsubasa Ibuki (伊吹翼 Ibuki Tsubasa?) is one of the available idols in the mobile game THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!. She is voiced by Machiko Saitou (齊藤 真知子 Saitou Machiko?).


Million Live! biography

Hey, do you think if I did this pose, it'd be popular? Look, look!

Online Character Profile


Tsubasa is quite similar to Miki because they are both talented girls with a glamorous body for their age and a relaxed personality. However, she is a lot more active than Miki. Though she loves to be popular among the boys and often invites the Producer on dates; her vision of romance is still childish. Her ideal of a perfect man is “one who's gentle enough to share an umbrella with me when it’s raining, smart, always takes me on a date every Sunday, acts cold sometimes, and yet loves me the most”. She is quite good at getting others to spoil her, and because of her sweet voice, many producers find themselves unable to refuse her requests. Her reason for becoming an idol was because it looked fun.

Game Discography

THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!

Million Live Lines


"This lesson is fun~ Producer-san, can we continue it a little longer?"

"I want to chat all day long today~, I can't?"

"There's so much work to do...one day is just too short."

"Hey hey, what kind of pose targets my high points Producer-san?"

"To be happy you have to smile, Producer-san let's smile~"

"This dance is fun~ Huh? It's not that complicated."

"I want to wear more adult-like clothes~ Producer-san, buy me some!"

"Producer-san, I want to make boys' hearts thump with the clothes I wear... Which ones of these will do the trick?!"

Dear Degree MAX

"I'm going to be late going home today...Producer-san I want you to take me home!"

"It's more fun being with Producer-san than with a boy of my own age. If I keep doing my best, can I receive a date as a reward?"

Song Discography

Image songs

Koi no Lesson Shokyuuhen
Believe my change!
Rocket Star☆

Recorded Solo Songs

Recorded Group Songs

Trivia and Fan Culture


  • Tsubasa is often put in a unit with Shizuka and Mirai; together they are considered the "representative" girls of the game.
  • She has stated that she wants to be a popular girl like Miki, who she calls "senpai".

Fan Culture

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