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Subpage index

List of Minor Characters

Profiles at /Minor Characters, maybe

Saionji Pro

  • Mikami Saionji
  • KobayakawaP
  • Mizuki Kobayakawa

Family members

Not done, obviously

  • Chousuke Takatsuki
  • Kasumi Takatsuki
  • Koutarou Takatsuki
  • Kouji Takatsuki
  • Kouzou Takatsuki
  • Riku Kitazawa
  • Nao Hoshii
  • Yuuko Hisakawa (?) a.k.a. Yuuko-chan
  • Matsuri's younger sister
  • Subaru's four older brothers
  • Konomi's younger sister
  • Shika's mother (Asayake wa Koganeiro)
  • Serika's father
  • Shizuka's father

More minor characters

  • Vocal Trainer from ML Gessan (does she have a name?)
  • Haijima from Gessan
  • Kadokura-san (Gessan)
  • Petit Bellpepper

Really minor characters

  • Risa Haneda (that girl from CG anime whose candidate profile appeared on screen briefly)
  • Those people from that one SC ad (check)

Wiki improvement notes

Category hierarchies

Improving navboxes

The wiki doesn't have enough of them.

  • Manga
  • Guidebooks
  • CD series
  • Staff (expand that infobox)
  • Streams and/or broadcasts
  • Agencies
  • etc.

Fixing the infobox template

If the multi-template can be fixed, we can start replacing things wholesale.

Manga articles

There are something like twenty different manga series that need articles. Make an infobox first, worry about correct names later


Coverage on the wiki of these needs improvement. List pages to make here

  • YukuM@S KuruM@S do we want one for each year?
  • Deresute livestreams (Deresute Night)
  • Mirishita livestreams
  • Special livestreams

Other events

  • Collaboration events
    • Basically there are loads of these
  • Miscellaneous events
    • Real Producer series with Tokyo Mystery Circus
    • Joint events


Needs updating badly.

Fan events

Obviously we need to get official materials out of the way first (and there are a lot of these still to do) but maybe we can do something about these later (cf Touhou Wiki which is pretty good about coverage)