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Axeria, a.k.a. prospektiVox
Arisu SS SR2.png
User Information
Name: prospektiVox
Deresute ID: 677167785 (MXスタイルズ)
Millishita ID: QW6F743E (MXスタイルズ)
Main Tantous: Momoka Sakurai
Arisu Tachibana
Momoko Suou
Unit Tantou: MomoBerry
Main Types: Cute, Cool, Fairy
Current Banger: Madeon's Good Faith era
Other Interests: Rhythm Games (eg. beatmania IIDX)
Audio Engineering
Music Production
Music (Doujin, EDM, Rock)
Graphic Design
Pro Wrestling
Formula 1
Skills/Tools: Ableton Live
Pro Tools
SoundCloud: prospektiVox
Twitter: @prospektiVoxes

Editor for project-iM@S wiki and RemyWiki, also a music producer known as prospektiVox.

username originally taken from Axeria by AcuticNotes, from maimai ORANGE PLUS.

Check out my personal sandbox page that will be used for tracking folks in im@s who also appeared in non-namco (maybe?) rhythm games.

and this sandbox about cd debut cards.

And remember, fate is not determined by GENEs.

Miracle by Madeon

I've been trying to be every man you saw in me
But in my eyes they just flicker out and blur like ghosts
Before I go, I know

Can you show me a miracle?
I wish I'd stay the night, but I've got to go to America
And this could take a while
Isn't it time that I come alive?
Endless in this life but I don't know how
And so I'll go
So I'll go

One day...
And so I'll go.

Can you show me a miracle?
Can you show me a miracle?
Can you show me a miracle?
Can you show me a miracle?

The Idols of Tomorrow

Cinderella Architects
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Arisu SS.png
Kanako SS.png
Yuuki SS.png
Miyu SS.png
Momoka Sakurai Arisu Tachibana Kanako Mimura Yuuki Otokura Miyu Mifune
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Ranko Kanzaki Uzuki Shimamura Risa Matoba Haru Yuuki Chieri Ogata
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Mika SS.png
Kaede SS.png
Fumika Sagisawa Yui Ohtsuki Karen Hojo Mika Jougasaki Kaede Takagaki
Shiki SS.png
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Nao SS.png
Mayu SS.png
Shiki Ichinose Yoshino Yorita Rin Shibuya Nao Kamiya Mayu Sakuma
Million Modern Boxes
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Momoko Suou Tsumugi Shiraishi Shiho Kitazawa Serika Hakozaki Anna Mochizuki
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Nao ML Profile.png
Kotoha ML Profile.png
Matsuri ML Profile.png
Kaori Sakuramori Elena Shimabara Nao Yokoyama Kotoha Tanaka Matsuri Tokugawa
Seventh Sense's Vibe
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Takane ML Profile.png
Haruka ML Profile.png
Miki Hoshii Iori Minase Chihaya Kisaragi Takane Shijou Haruka Amami