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What is this all about again?

As the song itself implies, Inshou is about impressions, paintings. For the first time in Starlight Stage history, Inshou's MV shows the three different paintings that are dependent on the three idols you put on a unit. Fitting for a song about paintings. Hence, I'm creating this sandbox for the list of paintings shown in Inshou. If we are about to list all of the paintings in Inshou's wiki page that would be like... uhh... too much that it needs to be put on a separate page. I don't know i might gonna complete the list since damn 190 idols

To ryuji kazano: thanks for the idea, i guess?

Go here for reference: [1]

The list

copied straight from the starlight stage page (specifically, the onecin solo table list) coz i'm lazyyyy. Voiced first priority as always. Pardon me for informal writing below as this is a sandbox. Might gonna finish in some time.