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🎼 iM@S Wiki Data
Name: Lin
Age: 25
Birthday: December 7th
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Hobbies: Gaming, Writing, Daydreaming
iM@S-Fan since: 2008
Games I own: ▪ iM@S SP Wandering Star
▪ iM@S Dearly Stars
▪ iM@S Shiny Festa GroovyTune
▪ iM@S One For All
▪ iM@S Platinum Stars

▪ iM@S SideM
▪ iM@S SideM: Live on Stage!
Image Color:          
Image Song: Twintail no Kaze
☆ Producer Data ☆
Name: ねるP (NeruP)
Age: 17
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Birthday: December 7th
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Blood type: A
Hobbies: Singing,
Making Sweets
Occupation: Producer
Skill: Producing
Hometown: Tokyo
Agency: 315pro
🎶 Fave Idols 🎶
765pro: Hagiwara, Yukiho
Futami, Ami
Ganaha, Hibiki
Shijou, Takane
Amami, Haruka
315pro: Amagase, Touma
Akiyama, Hayato
Tendo, Teru
Iseya, Shiki
Kizaki, Ren
Mizushima, Saki
876pro: Hidaka, Ai
Cinderella Girls: Kanzaki, Ranko
Shiny Colors: Yukoku, Kiriko

Heya there 。◕ ‿ ◕。

Welcome to my UserPage!
I'm a huge Idolmaster-Fan and this wiki always helped me a lot if I want to know what's going on in the world of iM@S. The franchise grew bigger and bigger over the past years and the wiki developed maaaaaaaaany pages which want to stay updated. Now I want to offer my help too to support the awesome Users which keep this wiki alive. English isn't my native language and that's the reason why I don't create things like biography descriptions for characters or something like that. Writing long texts in English is kinda hard for me and afterwards I always get the feeling the whole stuff sounds weird XD. So I will help out with other things which are listed below ^-^

If you have a problem with my edits regarding formatting or something like that please talk to me. I always try to search for existing templates I could use so I don't mess up the existing arrangement. :3

So let's work together (*^□^)八(^□^*)

What am I doing here?

Take care of a consistent, eye-friendly format of Character Pages

  • mostly SideM

Add missing Character Cards and keep them up to date

  • mostly SideM Live on Stage Cards

Add new Songs to Song Discography on Character Pages and keep them up to date

  • mostly SideM


Format Templates


Song Discography


Hideo Akuno Conversation
Live Hideo: "Ryu, are you all ready?"
Ryu: "I double-checked my shoelaces! Let's go!"
Desk (1) Ryu: "Shoelaces are tied! Lucky charms are all on me! Let's go!"
Hideo: "Hey, you dropped your safe driving charm!"
Desk (2) Hideo: "I hope we can finish our work without any problems."
Ryu: "Please pray that nothing will happen..."
Self Introduction "Since I decided to aim for Top Idol with Producer-san, it seems like fewer bad things have happened to me... Could it be that now, I've been visited by good luck!?"
Login (1) "I make a lot of mistakes, but...I'm the best when it comes to not giving up! So, please, let's work hard together!"
(2) "Good mor--ah! I, I'm okay! My shoelace just broke! Let's work hard again today!"
My Desk (Trust 0%) "This morning I haven't broken my shoelaces or fallen down the stairs... I think today I'll be in perfect form!"
My Desk (Trust 5%) "Producer-san, let's play rock-paper-scissors! Oy! ...Gwah, I lost again!!"
My Desk (Trust 30%) "Smiling is important. If you worry too much, your smile will fade, but if you can smile, it will spread to those around you, too."
My Desk (Trust MAX) "It doesn't matter how small the problem is, if you send me an SOS, I'll always come to save you!"
Change "Just by changing my appearance, I feel like my luck's also gotten better...! This way I can keep going forward without seeing any black cats or crows!"
Lesson "Leave any rescues to me!"
Jobs & Lives
Work (Trust 0%) "Alright, we finished without anything going wrong. 100 points!"
Work "Phew, it went well. I got so nervous when a black cat appeared out of nowhere."
Work (Trust MAX) "Seems that when Producer-san is with me, I can run away from bad things at full speed, huh?"
Reliability UP (1) "Producer-san, I'm sorry. Before the audition, I came across a black cat, so I think it's my fault.... *Sigh*"
(2) "Since you gave me that charm, I've seen less black cats! It's amazing! Thank you!!"
(3) "You never laughed at how unlucky I am. Instead you taught me ways to counteract it, and that made me really happy."
Reliability MAX "It's now my turn to protect you, Producer. Please don't be afraid to send me an SOS! ...Ah, my shoelace broke."
Audition Battle Preparation "With the good luck charm Shingen-san and Hideo-san gave me, I'll definitely win!"
Audition Battle (1) "I won't think of anything bad! Let's go!"
(2) "Let's test out the heat in my heart!"
Audition Battle (Backup) "I’ll absorb your bad luck! Do your best!"
Audition Battle (Win) "Luck is finally on my side!!"
Audition Battle (Lose) "Ah, as I thought... I didn’t have what it takes..."
Program Audition Preparation "Even if I lose my wallet on payday, even if crows steal my lunch, I still won’t lose!!"
Program Audition (Self) "Luck isn’t on my side, but my pals sure are!"
Program Audition (Rival) "With this heat in my heart, I’ll give it a shot!"
Live Preparation "Rain or swords may fall, bring it on! Let's go!!"
Live Continuation (1) "I'll outrun even my bad luck! Let's go!!"
(2) "I won't fall back into bad luck like this! I can still keep going!"
Live Success! (1) "Aaaah, thank goodness...I didn't fall down once, and my shoelaces didn't break!"
(2) "I got a share of the audience's good luck and managed to succeed. I'm so thankful~"
(3) "There were some suspenseful parts, but in the end, everything worked out! ...How's that?"