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I have a page? lol Now that I think about it, how long have I've been had I had this account again?

Hey there. MarxMayhem here, but recently, I'm calling myself RoninatorMarx. You can just call me Marx.

Got something to talk about in the wiki? Talk to me on my talk page. Anything outside the wiki? E-mail me at It doubles as an MSN, but don't expect me to add you as of this moment, though.

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  • Edit all other pages that have links that leads to Yurina Hase so those links would look like said name, to prevent confusion for readers and editors alike. (Completed, for now)
  • Experiment on a new template to be applied for many pages here.
  • Apply many box templates for appropriate pages. This is gonna be long.
  • Watch Xenoglossia. (o.O)
  • Get some info out of the DS game.
  • Gather information for various iM@S titles.