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Character Data
Name: Mellodia
Voice actor: Yumi Hara
Height: 165 cm
Weight: Secret♥
Three sizes: Secret♥
Hobbies: Singing, anime, videogames
Image color: Deep Purple
Agency: WIKIM@S Production

Hi! I'm Mellodia, an Spanish iM@S fan. My favourite idols are Takane, Eri, Mami, Makoto and Ritsuko. My favourite songs are Kazahana, TOKIMEKI Escalate and Precog. Nice to meet you!

To Do List

You can help with this too if you have time!
- Upload TGC cards with their information.
- Add more Drama CDs.
- Keep on editing Cinderella Girls pages, adding titles and translations.
- Add lyrics and translations for songs (manly radio related) - Update ML cards.

Say hi!

tsw0599:HELLO Mellodia .I come from China.and I love all idols.