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Ninomiya Asuka
PROJECT iM@S Wiki Data
Name: ファハド (Fahad)
Age: 15
Birthday: 04 December
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student (9th grade)
Blood type: idk....
Hobbies: Anime, Manga, Drawing, Games etc
Favorite Idols: CG: Asuka Ninomiya

Million Live!: Ayumu Maihama SideM: Kazuki Tsukumo,Kyoji Takajo

Image color:

Konnichiwa~! My name is Fahad and I just love Idolm@ster. Idols just give off this awesome aura! I also love Digimon and ofcourse other animes!! My favorite CG idol is Asuka Ninomiya!! I just love her so much plus she is a result of buckle fashion+Chuunibyou!! I can't wait for her CD! Also I do my best in improving this wiki as much as I can but if I do something wrong by accident..please forgive me! <(_ _)>