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Hola! I'm Paru. Huge IDOLM@STER fan. I wanna contribute to the wiki as much as I can!

I often correct titles of songs, and I've romanized a number of songs. I've created a number of album pages, and a few of the concert ones.
I love to know data and information, so a lot of my contributions and minimal things,
like which songs voice actresses have performed at which concerts, or where you can find versions of songs on which albums.

I became a fan of IDOLM@STER a little while before the release of IDOLM@STER 2. Though I'm not as seasoned in this as most people, I love it a lot!
As an American fan who only speaks English, I don't know much about the gameplay. But my knowledge of characters and music is extensive, I'm pretty obsessed.

It warms my heart to see that the number of Western IDOLM@STER fans has increased due to the release of the 2011 anime series. The game deserves more attention, and it's certainly
nice to have more help by people in editing things like this wiki, or in translating manga, drama CDs, songs and games.

I'll try to be as useful as I can for the cause, but I can only guarantee my best. No more, no less.