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PROJECT iM@S Wiki Data
Name: エリザベフ (Elizabeth)
Age: 22
Birthday: November 6
Occupation: College student (psychology major!)
Blood type: O
Hobbies: Animals, cooking, translating stuff
Favorite 765 Idols: Azusa, Takane, Hibiki, Miki, Ritsuko
Favorite 346 Idols: Syuko, Shiki, Takumi, Sae, Anastasia
Favorite ML Idols: Kana, Shiho, Chizuru, Konomi
Image color:

(I am Maka on the forums! Note: I'm on my phone- i.e. only able to make minor edits- 75% of the time...)

Other series I like include Dangan Ronpa, Love Live, Aikatsu, and Pokemon!

Current Projects

  • Translate Live Theater songs
  • Add translations of CG idol lines. In order of priority: Voiced idols with no translated lines -> Unvoiced Deresute idols with no lines -> Voiced idols with only pre-training lines -> unvoiced Deresute idols with only pre-training lines -> all unvoiced, base CG only idols

Future projects

  • Clean up the front page
  • Help out with idol units, especially CG
  • Translate the blurbs from in-game songs and costumes.


  • Update current events section weekly or at least biweekly, using various info from /a/, imas765news, and official site!
  • Add DLC!

Image Color Refs

(Not including orange = passion and the like)

A bunch of lightsticks grabbed from the 4th live site:

Song Template II?