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Idolmaster manga Haruka.png
Character data
Name: CC
Pronunciation: (c-c)
Age: 21
Birthday: March 31
Occupation: Student
Blood type: A
Hobbies: Encouraging others, animation
Skill: Making spreadsheets
Writing Hand: Right
Image color:     

iM@S Wiki to-do

• Finish adding Xenoglossia OP/ED B-sides
• Track down kanji for any songs without them, get people to transcribe said kanji
Bully Convince more people to translate songs
• Make Xenoglossia character pages, add info on adaptations to main character pages
• Add all Broadcast-Only songs and make song pack of them?

Mecha Cover List (incomplete)

Song Title Series CD Singer(s)
Dream Shift Raijin-Oh Xenoglossia Haruka
Dream☆Wing My-Otome Xenoglossia Yayoi
Dunbine Tobu‎ Dunbine Xenoglossia Chihaya
Groovin' Magic Diebuster Namassuka SPECIAL Makoto
Honoo no Sadame VOTOMS Xenoglossia Makoto
Iron Leaguer~Kagirinaki Shimei Iron Leaguer Xenoglossia Iori
Kaze no Mirai e‎ Da-Garn Xenoglossia Ami
L-Gaim -Time for L-GAIM- L-Gaim Xenoglossia Azusa
Lets go!! Rider Kick Kamen Rider COLORFUL MEMORIES Azu+Chiha
Meros No Youni -Lonely Way-‎ Layzner Xenoglossia Yukiho
Resolution Gundam X Master Special Ritsuko
rise Ghost in the Shell iM@S Break! 2 Chihaya
Seikan Hikou Macross Frontier Master Artist 2 Makoto
Shangri-La Soukyuu no Fafner Namassuka SPECIAL Chihaya
Shining☆Days‎ My-HiME Xenoglossia Ritsuko
Shinku A.C.E.3 Master Special Miki
Shippuu Xabungle‎ Xabungle Xenoglossia Mami
Sora Iro Days Gurren Lagann Master Artist 2 Ritsuko
Sore ga, Ai deshou? Full Metal Panic! Master Special Haruka
Tamashii no Refrain Evangelion Namassuka SPECIAL Takane
Tip Taps Tip Eureka Seven Master Artist 2 Ha+Hi+Mi
Tune the rainbow RahXephon COLORFUL MEMORIES Azu+Chiha