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Name: vhs
Pronouns: he/him
Age: 16
Producers: Nina Ichihara
Nana Abe
Syoko Hoshi
Miria Akagi
Sanae Katagiri
Hobbys: making spreadsheets

Doing my best to clean up the wiki!

To Do

  • Add all missing voice actors
    • Fix and add information to existing voice actor pages
  • Add all missing Starlight Stage SSR models
  • Fix/Add missing signatures to Cinderella Girls idol pages
  • Overhaul pages that haven't been touched years


    • Information on every character in THE iDOLM@STER franchise (that i am aware of)
    • Status: Complete, adding to 'other [characters]' as i go along and fixing any errors
  • SSRs
    • Every Starlight Stage SSR and their rarity (PERM/LIM/CINFES)
    • Status: Complete, adding SSRs as they come out
  • TBA


Find Me

  • TBA