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This game story was temporarily removed from Hibiki's character page so I put it in here for a while.

Hibiki's story with Haruka

At first Hibiki and Haruka weren't very friendly with one another( Hibiki was a bully and Haruka was scared/shy of Hibiki ) but they seem to have become friends.

Eventually you meet her ( without Haruka ) and she was looking for her pet, 'Neko-Kitchi'. Hibiki was unable to find it and in the end Takane showed up and took Hibiki back home ( Hibiki introduced Takane during the conversation, and Takane was seemingly embarrassed by meeting the producer).

At the next IU contest Hibiki showed up and wished Haruka good luck for the competition, in which Haruka wished like wise for her ( The Contributor has forgotten who wished who first. ).

While conversing with Hibiki after the competition, Haruka and the Producer asked Hibiki to join 765 Pro, but she refused, probably due to family issues, following which Kuroi showed up and led her away.
After that particular scene, 961 pro will start sending your invites to auditions.

Eventually you see Hibiki alone once more.
She was again looking for 'Neko-Kitchi'. The producer helped her find it and he tries to recruit Hibiki, but she declines.

After a while you then see Hibiki and Kuroi arguing.
Kuroi was saying bad stuff about 765 pro, and Hibiki says '765 Pro tries their best'. You walk in and talk to Hibiki after hearing that.

A little while after, you get an event with Haruka backstage. After talking to her, she starts to sing Over Master but gets angry.

Soon after, you get an event where you catch Miki sleeping in 765 Pro's office.

Before the next IU Haruka and Hibiki will speak like normal.
After winning, Hibiki didn't come speak to Haruka and she got sad, the producer try's talking to Haruka but she started to cry and ran off.
While trying to find her you run into Hibiki backstage. After telling her that Haruka is gone she demands to help and so you both go searching for her. After some background's flash by, you both find her singing OverMaster at the park. Hibiki and Haruka talk then you return to the office.

You see Hibiki searching for 'Inumi' the 'Saint Bernard' before Kuroi finds it. She asks you to help and you do. She keeps mentioning the IU and how nice Inumi is. She also asks for advice with dealing with Kuroi, you get a choice here. Then the background changes to a pet shop. As Hibiki starts to mention 765 Pro, she cuts off and calls you her Producer ( She's blushing from here till the end of the event ).
A choice appears, and she asks something about going to Lessons, then about doing a 'Live House'. I'm guessing it was tied into asking for advice with Kuroi, she still keeps referring to you as her Producer though. the scene then changes to the street in the afternoon and she thanks you for a fun day 'Producer'.
You ask her again to join but she says she can't, but she says she had fun with you or that she'd consider it. Then she says that she'll beat Haruka at the IU with Kuroi. You return to the office to an...annoyed Haruka.

At the next IU Haruka and Hibiki speak like normal.
Afterwords you catch Kuroi being a 'Chikan' to Hibiki.

Before the Final IU, Haruka will confess her love to you and says she'll win. Hibiki doesn't come speak to Haruka, so Haruka goes to Hibiki. But Hibiki isn't in the mood for talking.

After winning, Haruka was amazed and was all happy. But nearby you see Hibiki begging for another chance to Kuroi since she wants to sing. Kuroi says he wont give her another chance and kicks her out of 'Project Fairy'. She stands there with tears in her eyes and Haruka says she has to do something. You get a choice of what Haruka will yell out to Kuroi, but before she does, Hibiki stops her. They talk, and congratulate each other.
Haruka is sad for Hibiki so you go backstage to find her and she is crying saying " i only wanted to sing ".
Her and the producer talk. " Why must it turn out this way!".
You ask her to join but she says "I must be Top Idol and Haruka's Rival"
She cheers herself up and leaves.

You go back to your office and you find Kuroi and your Boss arguing.
Your boss and him argue back and forth about 'Project Fairy'.
But he leaves laughing.
You talk to your boss a bit about 961 Pro.

You eventually enter and Haruka is crying saying things like " she wouldn't come when i asked ".
She asked Hibiki to come to 765 but Hibiki said no. She really wants to work with Hibiki.
You say to her that you'll definitely get her to join.

She asks...
Who would you rather Produce...
She gets happy and thanks you for making a choice and she mentions that she's jealous, she trips over and gets angry at the Producer, then bursts out laughing. She then thanks you for making her Top Idol.

A few days later, your talking to Haruka when your boss comes in to make an announcement. First he congratulates you for winning the IU. And he says he has to introduce someone to you who will be making her Debut soon.

Hibiki: "My name is Ganaha Hibiki! It's a pleasure to meet you!"
Haruka: "Hibiki! Why are you here?!
Hibiki: " asked me to join Namuco pro and they seemed interesting"

Your boss gets all perverted.

"Ah also, all my pets will be picked up from 961 Pro and brought here, can 765 pro handle that? Well i'm counting on you 765 pro."

Everyones happy then Haruka trips over.

"Amami Haruka... Are you ok?"