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Card Data Pages

Regarding your recent edits to character pages, thank you for taking on such an extensive project! I have a few suggestions to aid in both accessibility and eventually applying the format to the rest of the wiki.
• Page names are currently inconsistent. CG card pages are formatted as [Idol Name] (CG), ML card pages are formatted as [Idol Name]/ML! Cards, and TD cards are formatted as [Idol Name]/Card Data. I personally believe that renaming these pages to have a consistent theme, like [Idol Name]/Card Data (ML) or [Idol Name]/TD Cards, would make the pages easier to parse. This would also lend well to other series, seeing as every mobile game has a commonly used acronym.
• Links to the Card Data pages are currently listed under a "Game Discography" category. Discography typically refers to songs, so the game discography section may give the impression that it contains information on the songs available for each idol in each game. In the current page format, these links may be better placed alongside the card art galleries.
Again, thank you for working on this! Moving cards to their own pages will hopefully make it much easier to provide more detailed gameplay information, as I see you've already started doing with the TD card pages. Tamaratan (talk) 15:13, 18 March 2019 (CET)

I don't usually edit Cinderella Girls cards/characters due to getting accidental wrong information. However, about renaming them, I think It would be good, and placing them at the gallery part. Another However, I think it might be a bit difficult now since I almost finished all the pages :/, But I'll be taking this suggestion, so no worries. (Thus include later adding lines and stats to TD pages)
But... since Million Live! switched to Theater Days, I wasn't sure if I could just do 'Card Data' for ml, so I just did 'ML! Cards', I'll be renaming them to know which page is which. (including the renames to 'Theater Days Card Data') / (I'm not sure about the discography part, but I am pretty sure Song Discography is the songs they sang, and Game Discography should've been information about their appearances which I turned into gallery part oops.) However! Thank you for this suggestion. -Okmimi