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Link for Theater Days's Cards

Here: (Straykids6666)

Card Naming

Hi, I've seen you uploading some of the cards from SideMoba and Mobamas (CG mobage). Though It's better if you could name them by the SR ordering, like "Rei_SR20", because naming them via their theme kinda messes up the original card naming system this wiki had. (A lot of older uploads w/o fixated names would need moving) though, you could do this for future cards. I hope I made some sense... Okmimi (talk) 16:07, 9 March 2021 (CET)

Ok. Next time, I'm gonna follow that. I'm sorry for that because... well, to differentiate between mine and others. (Ryuji Kazano)

No need to apologize, just wanted to get the point crossed. ^^ Okmimi (talk) 08:38, 10 March 2021 (CET)


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