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I hope I'm doing this right D: I don't really know about the talk functions on the Wiki and such.

But what I mean is, the green box shouldn't go there because without it, the lyrics go in order for both M@STER and game size versions.

The game size lyrics are in yellow and blue only. If you remove the red boxes, the game size lyrics are in order. But, at the same time, with the red boxes, the M@STER VERSION lyrics are in order, as well.

If the green box is in there, the M@STER VERSION lyrics have an interruption, and it also causes the "amaku mitareba massakasama Fly Away" verse to be repeated in the whole lyric (if that makes sense).

The green boxes are intended to be used as inserts for lyrics that are in the game size version, but not the M@STER version. The only example I can think of is in 9:02pm, where the idol says "suki" in the middle of the song, but they don't do so in the un-remixed M@STER VERSIONs on the CDs. That's why the lyric goes in the green box.

Hello. Usually I see people on Wikis reply to the comment they do it like this, underneath with an indentation made by a colon at the start of the comment. To make it indent more, you would add another one at the begining. It's fine. :) I don't know if you know, but you can also leave your signature and the time stamp with four of this ~ character.
Yes, I see what you are saying now. I suppose that's the only way for it to work correctly. I'm just being a perfectionist and wanting the paragraphing to be as it is in the official lyrics. (Honestly, I find the current setup for lyrics on this Wiki kind of confusing. I feel like listing the M@STER and in-game versions seperately would be easier, but it would probably just cause more trouble!) Squitter 15:59, 25 February 2011 (UTC)