WEB Radio☆Shopping Master

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WEB Radio☆Shopping Master
Radio Show Data
Station: THE IDOLM@STER Official
Website Marketplace
Broadcast Format: Streaming
First Broadcast: March 23, 2007
Last Broadcast: July 27, 2007
Air Time: Fridays
Total Broadcasts: 18
Hosts: Haruka Amami
Miki Hoshii
The Futami Twins
Successor: CD Radio☆Shopping Master Vol. 1
CD Radio☆Shopping Master forever...

WEB Radio☆Shopping Master(WEBラジ☆ショッピングマスター)was an internet radio broadcast channel that featured the personalities Eriko Nakamura, Akiko Hasegawa, and Asami Shimoda. The trio portrayed their respective characters as the real personalities of the show. The broadcast period was from March 23, 2007 to July 27, 2007 until the show was terminated. In its time, WEB Radio☆Shopping Master never released a CD album. The closest it would get are the last two tracks of THE IDOLM@STER VOCAL COLLECTION series, which included Yayoi Takatsuki rather than the twins.

On the show, Haruka, Miki, Ami and Mami would discuss certain DLC items for the Xbox 360 port of THE iDOLM@STER, which ranged from EXTEND costumes to dramas.


Episode DLC Name Type
1 Exercise Wear EXTEND Costume
2 White Scale COOL & SEXY Costume
3 Mr. Driller Set Accessory Set
4 Ornamental Doll's Head
Kuma-chan Pochette
Head Accessory
Body Accessory
5 Idol Drama Idol Drama
6 Wonder Momo EXTEND Costume
7 Jersey
EXTEND Costumes
8 Samurai set Accessory Set
9 Lysithea Beauty COSMIC & FUNNY Costume
10 Cheer Girl
Pink Pom-Poms
EXTEND Costume
Hand Accessory
11 Ragged Orange
Blood Leather
Rosette Nebula
CUTE & GIRLY Costume
COOL & SEXY Costume
12 Baby set Accessory Set
13 Plaster Arm Hand Accessory
14 Gravure Swimsuit
School Swimsuit
EXTEND Costumes
15 Gravure Swimsuit
School Swimsuit
Neneko set
EXTEND Costumes
Accessory Set
16 Gardening Field
Fake Rider
Galactic Bouquet
CUTE & GIRLY Costume
COOL & SEXY Costume
17 Marriage Necklace Body Accessory
18 The final episode featured a roundtable discussion format
by Eriko Nakamura, Asami Shimoda, and Akiko Hasegawa.