World is Mine

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World is Mine
General song data
Original title: ワールドイズマイン
Romanized title: Waarudo Izu Main
Translated title: World is Mine
Composer: ryo (supercell)
Lyricist: ryo (supercell)
BPM: 165
Image stat:
Personal song of: Hatsune Miku
Image song of: Hatsune Miku

World is Mine first appeared as a PS3 exclusive downloadable song for THE iDOLM@STER 2. This song is choreographed to be a solo dance, which can only be performed by Hatsune Miku. World is Mine was featured in an American TV commercial for the 2012 Toyota Corolla, and later released on iTunes as a single.


Japanese/Kanji Lyrics Romanized Lyrics Translated Lyrics


Sekai de ichiban ohime-sama
souiu atsukai kokoro ete yo ne

I'm the greatest princess in the world.
Acknowledge and treat me as one, okay?

その一 いつもと違う髪形に気が付くこと
その二 ちゃんと靴まで見ること  いいね?
その三 わたしの一言には三つの言葉で返事すること
わかったら右手がお留守なのを なんとかして!

sono ichi itsumo to chigau kamigata ni kigatsuku koto
sono ni chanto kutsu made miru koto ii ne?
sono san watashi no hitokoto ni wa mittsu no kotoba de henjisuru koto
wakattara migite ga orusu nano wo nantoka shite!

Rule One: Notice when my hairstyle is different from usual.
Rule Two: Look at me carefully right down to my shoes, got it?
Rule Three: For every word I speak, reply with three.
If you understand, my right hand is empty, do something about it!

キミに心から思って欲しいの かわいいって

betsu ni wagamama nante ittenain dakara
KIMI ni kokoro kara omotte hoshii no kawaii tte

It's not like I said anything selfish.
I just want your heart to feel that I'm all you wished for in "cute".

気が付いて ねえねえ
もう何だか あまいものが食べたい!

sekai de ichiban ohimesama
kigatsuite nee nee
mataseru nante rongai yo
watashi wo dare da to omotteru no?
mou nandaka amaimono ga tabetai!
imasugu ni yo

I'm the greatest princess in the world.
Hey, hey, realize this already,
Making me wait is out of the question.
Who exactly do you think I am?
Oh, whatever. I want to eat something sweet
Right this very instant.

みんな みんな 我慢します…

Ichigo no notta SHOOTOKEEKI
kodawari tamago no torokeru PURIN
minna minna gamanshimasu...
wagamama na ko dato omowanaide
watashi datte yareba dekiru mon
ato de koukaisuru wa yo

Shortcakes with strawberry toppings;
Obsessions with egg puddings that melt in the mouth.
I'm holding myself back from all of them...
So don't think I'm a selfish girl,
Even I can be good when I try.
And you'll be sorry later.


Touzen desu! Datte watashi wa

Of course! All because

ちゃんと見ててよね どこかに行っちゃうよ?
ふいに抱きしめられた 急に そんな えっ?
「轢かれる 危ないよ」 そう言ってそっぽ向くキミ

Sekai de ichiban ohimesama
chanto mitete yo ne dokoka ni icchau yo?
fui ni dakishimerareta kyuu ni sonna ee?
"hikareru abunai yo" sou itte soppo muku KIMI

I'm the greatest Princess in the world.
Look at me closely, or perhaps I could go elsewhere?
And you abruptly embraced me, it's so sudden, what?
"It's dangerous, you could be knocked over" you said while looking away.


... kocchi no ga abunai wa yo

... I'm the one who's dangerous.


  • While it rarely ever happens, World is Mine's save file can corrupt. As a result, another idol's model could be used for this song using Miku's motion data.