Yukika Teramoto

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Yukika Teramoto
Yukika PingPongGame Teaser.jpg
Idol Profile
Name: Yukika Teramoto
(Hangul: 테라모토유키카, Kanji: 寺本來可)
Origin: Shizuoka, Japan
Birthdate: February 16th, 1993
Age:  ???
Height:  ???
Blood: A
Agency:  ???
Occupations: Idol,
Voice Actress,
Instagram: [1]

Yukika Teramoto (Hangul: 테라모토유키카, Kanji:寺本來可) is a member of Real Girls Project. She has experience as a voice actress, model, and live-action actress.


  • She likes to eat good food, especially after practice.[1]
  • She has previous experience singing and live-action drama, playing a main role in and singing the theme song of the Japanese Drama "ChocoMimi".


External Links

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XjaSQsmkV0&feature=youtu.be