Yuko Hori

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Yuko Hori
Yuko SS.png
iM@S CG Character Data
Name: 堀裕子 (Hori Yuko)
Voice actor: 鈴木絵理 (Suzuki Eri)
Age: 16
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 44 kg
Birthday: March 13th
Blood type: O
Three sizes: 81-58-80 cm
Handedness: Right
Hobbies: Psychic training
Horoscope: Pisces
Hometown: Fukui
Card Type: Passion icon.png
Image Color:     
Yuko signature SS.png

Yuko Hori (堀裕子 Hori Yuko) is one of the characters available in THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls and THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage. She is voiced by Eri Suzuki (鈴木絵理 Suzuki Eri).


Annual Rankings

Event Prelim Rank Final Rank
1st Anniversary Election Not a candidate Not a candidate
2nd Anniversary Election Unranked 47
3rd Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
Voice Idol Audition Not a candidate Not a candidate
4th Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
5th Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
6th Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
7th Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
8th Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
9th Anniversary Election Not applicable 45


Self Introduction

"Aah, aah, I have psychic powers. I can bend this spoo- ah, I must introduce myself normally? Ahem, Yuko Hori, 16 years old, my special traits are ESP powers. I can bend spoons! Psychic idol, the ESPer Yuko, ready for combat! Ei!"

Character Description

Comical and energetic, Yuko is a young girl who believes that she is psychic, despite being completely ordinary. She applied to an idol audition due to a premonition of seeing herself on stage. While she may not be able to perform the psychic acts she says she can, she remains confident in the belief she will be able to someday.

Alongside determination to performing her psychic acts, she is also determined towards her idol career and likes to inspire others to achieve their dreams. Yuko tells the producer she is currently training her telepathy, x-ray vision, and psychokinesis. Whilst she cannot bend her spoon, she always ends up making other things happen instead. This is somewhat of a running gag. An example of this is making Syoko's mushrooms grow instead.

She is often seen alongside Shizuku and Sanae, and the three make up the unit Sexy Guilty.

Song Discography

Trivia & Fan Culture


  • Yuko is voiced as of April 30th, 2014 through [Psychic Magician] SR card in the original Mobage game and her CINDERELLA MASTER release simultaneously.
  • In Starlight Stage, her image stat specialty is Visual.
  • In Starlight Stage, she comes for the audition and tries to bend a spork but fails. She passes the audition and after she leaves it is noted that her spork is laying on the ground and is shockingly bent.
    • Also in Starlight Stage, she appears on a TV special where she is challenged to bend a spoon while submerged in a water tank. As she is trying to do so, the tank bursts and it is revealed to have been a setup the whole time. However, during the event's cleanup, it is noted that the spoon (which was left on the ground) is once again, bent.
    • In the Cinderella Girls Theater strips, whenever she tries to bend a spoon nearby Syoko's mushrooms, they always multiply.
  • In the anime, she forms a unit with Nana Abe. She is also seen with the rest of Sexy Guilty.
  • Sanae refers to her as Yukko (ユッコ). This is also how many fans call Yuko as well.
  • Not counting characters that have been recently voiced (eg. Kozue Yusa), Yuko is the first voiced character to have a Forward! Cinderella Road SR set.

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