ZETTAI×BREAK!! Twinkle Rhythm

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ZETTAI×BREAK!! Twinkle Rhythm
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General song data
Original title: ZETTAI×BREAK!! トゥインクルリズム
Romanized title: ZETTAI×BREAK!! Tuinkuru Rizumu
Translated title: Absolute×Break!! Twinkle Rhythm
Lyricist: Youhei Matsui
BPM: 192

ZETTAI×BREAK!! Twinkle Rhythm is an original song first appeared in THE iDOLM@STER Million Live!: Theater Days. The full version appears on THE IDOLM@STER MILLION THE@TER GENERATION 07 Twinkle Rhythm. It is performed by Iku Nakatani, Yuriko Nanao, and Arisa Matsuda as the unit Twinkle Rhythm.


Japanese/Kanji Lyrics Romanized Lyrics Translated Lyrics


Teppen o mawaru to ugomeku gyoukaijin
Yume o yoku no baataa to omotteru
Mou panpii nante yobasenai!
Kibou o mune ni ikiru dareka no shaku…FIKKUSU de mamorou!

Past the top position[1] the showbiz monsters[2] start squriming
They think dreams tag along with greed[3]
Don't call us commoners[4] anymore!
The length[5] everyone goes to live with hope in their hearts...We'll protect them firmly![6]


SHIITAKU roihii zagin de beeruta shiisuu
Atarimae ni ubatte iru…minna no omoi o tsumanderu
Nee, mikireteru yo? Warudakunde irun desho?
Sono kikaku damedashite okurairi ni shichau yo!

They take away and steal[9] everyone's feelings like nothing
Hey, I can see you there[10]. You're plotting something bad, aren't you?
We disapprove[11] your projects! We'll put them on hold![12]

ZETTAI バミラせたりしない
Let's Go!未来のゴールデンタイム

MAGIC de BLACK na yoru o maite ikun da
Akugyou nante ne ketsukacchin
ZETTAI bamirasetari shinai
Unmei no tachi ichi wa jibun de ita tsuku
Let's Go! Mirai no GOORUDEN TAIMU
RATEran o kagayakasete

We'll definitely make a breakthrough!![13]
Dashing[14] through the totally black[15] night by magic,
I will punish your guilt by spanking the hip.[16]
We definitely won't let anyone decide[17]
Our fates on where we stand on stage[18] are on our own decision.
Let's go! To the future's golden time[19]
Shining on newspaper's TV and radio program guides[20]
"Twinkle Rhythm"


Hito no OFUREKO sarashite warai
Muchaburi shitoite shirouto atsukai, ageku ni onamidachoudai
Nee, kanashimi wa otsukare-chan de ii...CHANNERU o kaeyou!

Exposing other people's off-the-record[21] and laughing
Asking unreasonable requests[22] and treating us like amateurs[23], at last, trying to make it a moving story
Hey, let's say goodbye[24] to the sadness... change the channel!


KUROSU NETTO de tsunaida omoi
Akiramenai kimochi ga ne...KIIkyoku ni narun da
Deochi nanka de owarase wa shinai
Seigi o SUPONSAA ni shite tekoire de shikuyoro!

These feelings connected by cross-net[25]
The feeling of never giving up...it will be the key[26]
We won't end at the beginning[27]
Let the justice be our sponsor. We'll fix the mistakes[28]; You'd better be prepared[29]!

ZETTAI 押すなと言われたって押す
Knock Down 悪の背中!

Hissatsu no ichigeki o zubatto hanatsun da
Musou shichau hodo no ippatsu gei!
ZETTAI osu na to iwaretatte osu
Mushiro kuigimi ni oshite iku
Knock Down aku no senaka!
Smile ga hoshii kara

We'll definitely make a breakthrough!!
Fire straight to the point with a critical hit
Enough to make this one-shot performance[30] beyond comparison
We'll definitely push[31] even if you tell us not to
Rather push not letting you finish[32]
We'll knock down the backs of evil!
Because we want the smile of people
"Twinkle Rhythm"


Suuji dake o oimotometeru sekai ga
Kowarete iku ashioto ga kikoetan da
Kore ja kitto uchikiri tte...
Sonna no yurusenai yo, taisetsu na egao no tame ni

The world pursued only the numbers
We heard the footsteps of its destroying
I'm sure this is the end[33]...
We won't forgive such things; for the smiles we cherished
We must fight!

ZETTAI バミラせたりしない
ジーマー 未来のプライムタイム

MAGIC de BLACK na yoru o maite ikun da
PINCHI no yotei o barashiteku
ZETTAI bamirasetari shinai
Unmei no tachi ichi wa jibun de ita tsuku
Jiimaa mirai no PURAIMU TAIMU
Issho ni tsukutte ikou yo!

We'll definitely make a breakthrough!!
Dashing through the totally black night by magic,
We shall cancel those dangerous plots[34]
We definitely won't let anyone decide
Our fates on where we stand on stage are on our own decision.
Definitely[35], future's prime-time[36]
Let's make them together!
"Twinkle Rhythm"


  • The lyrics can be explained as the story of magical girls "Twinkle Rhythm" fight against evil orgnization "showbiz monster(ギョウカイジン)", or the dark side of the industry. This song is the opening theme song of the magical girls animation "Twinkle Rhythm" as the CD shown, so the translation is more of magical girls, you can find the double meaning by reading the references.
  1. 0時(てっぺん): 0 o'clock (lit. the highest position).
  2. ギョーカイジン: 業界人 (gyoukaijin) (lit. businessman (or showbiz people in this case)). カイジン:怪人 human-sized monster, common in tokusatsu shows. ギョーカイジン is a combination of these two.
  3. バーター: inverse of 束 (taba), in industry means "make a bundle of the popular and unpopular artists".
  4. パンピー: short of 一般ピープル(ippan people), ordinary people, an industry term for people out of the industry.
  5. 尺: length; a unit of length close to a foot (est. 30.3 cm), an industry term for broadcast length.
  6. フィックス: fix, in industry, means scene with a fixed camera.
  7. シータクロイヒー: inverse of タクシー (taxi) and ヒロイ/拾い (hiroi) (lit. to pick up), here is the performance of casting the magic spell.
  8. ザギンでベールタシースー: inverse of ギンザ/銀座 (Ginza), タベル/食べる (taberu) (lit. to eat), and スシ (sushi), here is the performance of casting the magic spell.
  9. つまんでる: literally means "to hold up, pick up", but in industry terms, it means "to edit".
  10. 見切れ: see-through, in industry terms, it means the backstage exposed to audience.
  11. ダメ出し: industry term for turning over or redoing work, etc. Can also mean to criticize others or acts or work.
  12. お蔵入り: means a project or work is being postponed, being shelved, or being put on hold.
  13. BREAK: when a work becomes popular or a hit, a breakthrough in the industry.
  14. 巻いて: literally means "to wind (a spring)", but it's also an industry term for "to speed up work".
  15. BLACK: can refer to black company.
  16. ケツカッチン: In industry terms, it means the time when the next meeting cannot be extended, or the next appointment begins. literally can be understood as spanking the hip as a punishment.
  17. バミラ: abbreviation of 場を見る (ba o miru). It means marking a stage with tape to indicate positions of actors.
  18. 板付く: means the actor is standing in position when the curtain of the broadcast or stage is up.
  19. ゴールデンタイム:golden time, means 7-10pm, the best time zone for TV program.
  20. ラテ欄: television and radio program guides in a newspaper.
  21. オフレコ: source given or made confidential and not for publication.
  22. 無茶振り:industry term of difficult request or topic that is difficult to entertain.
  23. シロート扱い: 素人 (shirouto) (lit. amateur).
  24. オツカレちゃん: obsolete word of お疲れ様でした, a common phrase after work finished. Here is also a reference of a famous entertainer combination
  25. クロスネット: cross-net, multiple networks.
  26. キー局: key stations, the station in the center of cross-net.
  27. 出オチ: getting big laughs(オチ:the end, laugh for entertainers) just from appearing on the stage (or screen, etc.)
  28. テコ入れ: fix the mistakes, in industry means save the viewing rate from dropping by some means.
  29. シクヨロ: inverse of よろしく (yoroshiku), a common greeting phrase.
  30. 一発芸: A short performance that suddenly gets big laughing.
  31. 押す: literally means "to push", in industry means "to extend the performance(because of time remaining)"
  32. 食い気味: abbreviation for 食い込み気味. Talking over or covering the other party's story and action before it's over.
  33. 打ち切り: cancellation of a television program
  34. ばらして: literally can be take to pieces, industry term for arranging and dismantling already installed shooting equipment and stage equipment, and canceling withdraws and taking back the stage in the plan.
  35. ジーマー: industry term for/inverse of マジ (maji) (lit. seriously).
  36. プライムタイム:prime time, means 7-11pm, the best time zone for TV program.


In Game

CD Recordings

THE IDOLM@STER MILLION THE@TER GENERATION 07 Twinkle Rhythm (sung by: Iku Nakatani, Yuriko Nanao, and Arisa Matsuda)
THE IDOLM@STER LIVE THE@TER SOLO COLLECTION 06 Princess Stars (sung by: Yuriko Nanao)